April Fools Day Prank 2006

Well it fell on a Saturday this year, so this prank was performed on Saturday, and hopefully we will get a good reaction on Monday when the person discovers the prank.  The victim is known to play pranks on others in the office, so I decided I wanted to play a "BIG" prank on her.  I found on the internet where someone else had done a similar post-it-note prank, and thought to myself that this would be perfect.  My wife Kristen and son Nathan helped  (pictured below)


Pictures:  (Click on picture for BIGGER picture)

Kristen very proud of her "checker board" design on the back of the door
Nathan helping Kristen with some of the design
Nathan helping out
Very rare post-it-note tree
Can you believe that 3700 post-it-notes were used
(Oh, and if anyone from work is looking at this, don't worry - we purchased our own post-it-notes - it's just a coincidence that we are now out of post-it-notes in the supply closet.)
 But on the bright side, if anyone needs any post-it-notes,  first come - first server.  Only slightly used notes are up for grabs.  (Must collect yourself)
Kay discovers her office
Took her awhile, but she did end up getting some work done... later in the day