Welcome to the Dog House


"In The Dog House" is a Hot Air Balloon owned and operated by Steve Haase.  The balloon is based in Danville, IL

BALLOON RIDES & PROMOTIONS:  Would you like a Hot Air Balloon Ride?  Do you think a Hot Air Balloon ride would make a great gift for someone?  Do you have a special event where you would like to have a Balloon fly a banner for you?  Or possible even give balloon tether rides?  There are many options for what we can help you with.  We have our commercial pilot license and can help you out.  If you would like more information, or if you have any questions - please feel free to e-mail us at:  thaase@us.ibm.com or phone us at:  (217) 446-0692.  

Want to see some pictures of "In the Dog House" - Well check out THE PICTURE PAGE

More news about events & schedules will be coming soon.  For the time being, please check out BAGI WebPages (Balloon Association of Greater Illinois)  You can contact Steve Haase at:  thaase@us.ibm.com


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